What is TCN Radio?

TCN Radio is an anarchist sound event from the East Bay of California. It features commentary, interviews and performance. A new TCN Radio should arrive every month.

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TCN Radio #9

This is the long promised reportback on the A Fire on the Mountain indigenous book fair that happened in November 2013. Here is what it contains.

00:00 Introduction
06:18 DOA Intro Song
09:10 Lengthy Rant
18:53 Birds
19:18 Drew on Decolonization and Anarchism
25:39 John Zerzan on Anarchist: What we need to be
29:56 Diné, O’odham, Anarchist (DOA) Bloc
50:09 Spiritually, Green Anarchy and Cultural Appropriation
1:01:20 Outro

This may well be the last episode of TCN. The origin of the project was collaborative and collective and over time the we shrank and the energy for the project shrank correspondingly. With the end of this chapter of TCN there begins another audio project that will be announced shortly.

Download Episode #9 (aka TCN Radio #9)

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TCN Radio – November 2013

Projects that last, find their rhythm and stick with it. TCN is a very East Bay (as in it could only exist and be created here) kind of project and contorting it into another shape (as we implied in last episodes writeup) seems like a bad idea.

We are going to continue to do TCN and keep it just the way it is. We’ll probably stick to the once a month schedule we have for now. That said we do have at least one other audio project in the works that will probably launch later this month. Keep an eye open for that.

Here is your November 2013 episode of TCN Radio.

00:28 Introduction
01:40 Epic Bakunin
10:20 Pencil
13:23 Audrey
18:05 Musical break
19:00 GJ Resistor on Paranoia
22:15 Any shit will do
29:08 Printer
31:00 Klee Benally interview on spirituality
37:33 GJ Resistor on Prison
50:00 Musical outro

Download Episode #8 (aka November 2013)

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TCN Radio is Back! – August 2013

You feared it would happen and now it has… TCN radio is back on the air with a new episode today and big plans for the future.

We’re going to take a couple episodes to figure out how to turn all these knobs, hack all the Icecast servers, and maybe buy some more audio equipment but then we hope to turn TCN into a live, streaming, call-in show. Plan for it on Saturday mornings later this year.

Until that time, and even after, TCN will continue to provide you an audio experience of East Bay anarchy. This means performance, humor, interviews, and music. It also means our skewed view of the world writ large. Large enough to change the world? Probably not, but perhaps large enough to see (if you are already looking in the right direction)… forever!

This is officially the August 2013 episode of TCN Radio and here is how it breaks down

00:38 Introduction
1:53 Interview with John Zerzan
11:10 Breakdown I
11:20 Attentat I
13:40 Interview with an editor from the Sovereign Self
24:30 Thus Spake Zarathustra
34:45 Interview with Blackbird Raum
45:00 Breakdown II
46:87 Attentat II
49:50 Outro

Download Episode #7 (aka August 2013)

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Episode #5 – The Anarchist Turn

This episode of TCN Radio is the first of the away episodes. This episode happened at the NYC Anarchist Turn and attempts to extract the most interesting bits out of the weekend.

Featured are Todd May, Andrej Grubacic, Cindy Milstein and the accused of Tarnac.

Download Episode #5

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Episode #4 – TCN Radio vs 8 days

Here is the fourth episode of TCN Radio. The segments include (from 8 days of Anarchy): Penelope Rosemont (SF @ Bookfair), Bob Black (BASTARD), Occupied London (Panel on Police Violence). In addition there is a reading of Oscar Wilde’s “The Soul of Man Under Socialism” and a segment from the Invisible Committee’s presentation at Station 40 in San Francisco on April 30th.

Here are relevant URLS

Download Episode #4

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March 2011 – Episode #3

Here is the March episode of TCN Radio. The featured segment for this episode is a performance of the “Letters Journal Play” in two acts by the TCN Players. The interview for this episode is from the author of Ardent Press’s new title “Enemies of Society”. There is also a piece about the origins of Aufheben. This month continues the classified ads from last month and raises them a new “missed connections” segment.

Here are relevant URLS
Letters Journal
Ardent Press


Download Episode #3

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February 2011 – Episode #2

Here is the February episode of TCN Radio. The featured audio essays include a reading of an issue of Kerbloom pertaining to Letters of Insurgents, a Green Egoist reflection on Elisee Reclus, and a denunciation/rant of corporations. The interviews include part two with Audrey Goodfriend, an interview with the March Hare technology collective, and an interview with Noam Chomsky. Finally there are a few satirical news segments and some responses to our calls for classifieds from local craftspeople.

Here are some relevant URLS
March Hare Tech Collective
Insurgent Summer
The Anvil


Download Episode #2

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Monthly Classified Ads!

Tales Concerning Nobody

Listen up bartering punks, mystics, collaborators, fuckers and fighters!
Do you have an idea and a wallet but are lacking an accomplice? Or did you
spot so and so at the blah blah blah and now you wanna stalk them? Or
maybe you had a pissed connection and now you're a kid in hate?! Perhaps
you need to borrow a lawn mover, a rag, or camouflage hat?  Send us your
classy classified ads to: classifieds@riseup.net and we will shout them
loud on our monthly broadcasts.
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January 2011 – Episode #1

Here is the first episode of TCN Radio featuring interviews with a participant of the student occupation movement, and an anarchist elder. A fragment of the Q&A session with the Greek guests from the Void Network at the BASTARD Conference regarding the Anarchist Space, a reading by Wolfi Landstreicher, a reading of Claire Fontaine, and some local news.


Download Episode #1

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